Friday, July 25, 2014

Bread made easy

I unashamedly admit to owning a breadmaker!  I have long since gotten over the feeling that it is not an authentic way to make bread.  I very rarely bake bread in it, but I use it constantly to make dough which I shape and bake in the oven.  Since I have been trying to keep to a strict budget pizza has featured regularly on the menu, because the kids love it and we can avoid the takeaway trap.
This recipe makes enough dough for about 3 generous sized pizzas, we tend to stick to the basics with  tomato on the base, then onion, ham, cheese and pineapple.  If there are other bits and pieces in the fridge they will often end up included too.  (Mushrooms, salami, feta, olives, pinenuts etc are all nice additions).
The recipe here I also use to make bread rolls or a focaccia, it is extremely versatile and I have found it very reliable.
I will often make this on a Friday evening, the breadmaker has a 45 min pizza dough setting so I can do all the toppings up while the dough is sorting itself.  And I can have a leisurely glass of wine while I wait!!!!

Basic Bread machine recipe
4 c high grade flour
4 tsp Surebake yeast
1 tsp salt
3 tsp sugar
1 ½ c lukewarm water
2 tbsp oil

Chuck the whole lot into the breadmaker. I never muck around with putting it in a certain order, it hasn’t ever mattered! Set the machine to dough. Once ready shape and bake at 210 C for 10 –15

mins. (20 mins for focaccia)
Makes about 16 pitas, 2 large pizzas, 12 bread rolls, or 1 large focaccia

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