Sunday, April 17, 2011

Asain style slow cooker pork belly

Now that daylight savings has finished and the evenings are cooler I am seriously hankering for comfort food.  I really love this turn of season time, where lighter, easier cooking makes way for hearty and more involved dishes.  The slow cooker gets dusted off at this time of year and for me it is a staple of winter cooking.  So much so that I am devoting these next 3 posts to it! I am a sucker for this kind of cooking, the ease in which things are produced, the flavour that results and the fact that often it is cheaper cuts of meat that are best used in this way make me quite enamoured with this one piece of kitchen equipment! I think it is the busy cooks best friend and there is nothing nicer than returning home to  the great smell of dinner cooking and the prospect that not a lot needs doing to get dinner on the table.
This meal is one of my favourites.  And who doesn't like pork belly???? Even my son who is near phobic about animal fat happily eats this without disecting the hell out of it.  Because of the slow cooking process the fat almost blends into the meat making this a delicious melt in the mouth dish.
The recipe comes from this book on slow cooking which I use a lot-Year-round Recipes for Crockpots and Slow Cookers
It comes from that trusted pair Simon and Alison Holst and I really recommend it as a bible if you use your slow cooker alot.  They have put out two books on slow cooking and I have them both and over winter they get a great deal of use.
I serve this with stir fried veges and some rice with fresh chopped coriander stirred through.

Chinese Simmered Pork Belly

For 4-6 Servings

750g fresh belly pork
3 tbsp dark soy sauce
3 tbsp sherry (I use mirin)
1/4 c water
2-3 cloves garlic
1 tbsp grated ginger root

(I also added 2 tbsp brown sugar, just because I think it works better)

Turn slow cooker on to high.  Score rind of pork about 5mm apart.  Place meat, skin side up on a folded piece of foil and put into slow cooker.  Add the remaining ingredients, then turn pork several times to ensure it is coated with the flavourings.  Cover and cook for 4-5 hours, turning meat over once or twice during cooking. To serve, lift meat out and place skin side up on a board and cut into slices.  Pour spoonfuls of cooking liquid over each serving.

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Ben said...

I am obsessed with my slow cooker. Tried pork belly in there once before and it didn't work out great. Will try this recipe on Sunday and hopefully will be better.