Monday, September 15, 2008

My favourite colour

Is RED!!!! Because my freezer had defrosted all my lovely berries needed dealing to. I had planned on making jams with them anyway, it just wasn't on my to do list right at the moment!! But at least looking at these gorgeous red berries (and taste testing all the way through) eased the burden!!!!
I make jam with an equal ratio of sugar to fruit. So I had 500g cranberries, I used 500g sugar. It might sound like a lot, and to be fair sometimes I do try to reduce it. But every time I do muck with it, it just takes longer to set, so I end up boiling the heck out of it and probably it ends up just as concentrated in sugar anyway!
I really LOVE making jam. It is such a quick and easy thing to do and soooooo satisfying. Because I pretty much eat toast every morning, I enjoy home made jams to spread on it. I will often give jars as gifts and they are a great standby gift. I have become accustomed to how jam 'looks' when it is ready to pop into the jar.
This lot is cranberry jelly, redcurrant jelly and strawberry and vanilla jam. The first two will be stowed away for Christmas and will probably get given as gifts too! I might have to hoard the strawberry one though!


Oh my! Apple pie! said...

There is nothing like homemade jam is there, I am still novice at it, I love how you have a 'a eye' for spotting when it's ready.

Deb said...

Bugger on the freezer defrosting. Hope you didn't lose too much. Well, your jams look yummy...perfect for a scone and lashings of whipped cream!

Rhyleysgranny said...

I love home made jam. Yours looks soooooo good.

hungryandfrozen said...

Sorry to hear about your freezer. The jam looks fab! I've always wanted to try making it, but berries are so expensive. Such a nice old-fashioned thing to do! Strawberry and Vanilla sounds delicious :D

Rosie said...

This looks Soooooo good Linda nothing can beat a homemade jam!

Rosie x