Monday, September 29, 2008

Curry Feast

I often fall back on curry when entertaining. It is so easy to make the curries in advance as well as many of the accompaniments, then on the day it is just a case of preparing rice and breads. I made a Lamb Korma and a variation of a Chicken Tikka. The Korma recipe is one I have made before and really love- I found it on Pistachio en la cocina - a fabulous blog that I am often inspired to cook from. The post also includes recipes for rice with peas (a pilaf) and chapatis, both of which I have also made and which I made again for this meal. I made the curries and transferred them to slow cookers to keep warm and develop a little more in flavour. The chicken curry is very much my standby made up as I go along curry, and is never the same twice, so I won't bore you with that one!
To go with the curries I serve my lemon pickle (which works really well!), raita, poppadoms, bananas with yoghurt and coconut and a tomato, fresh coconut and coriander salad.

Rex grated the coconut, using my mother's genius coconut grater that she brought home from Rarotonga. He also made the chapatis and dessert......which was of course Chocohotopots. He is proving to be a very valuable asset in the kitchen!!!! (Just need to get him to clean up now!!)


Coby said...

Mmm, so how *does* one snare an invite Linda?:) I already gushed over those lemon pickles, but what a lovely option for them! Lovely to see a family cooking together too. What a team you make!

Thinking About Food said...

One simply *hops on a plane* Coby! :)
You would be welcome anytime, as long as you bring dessert!

Oh my! Apple pie! said...

What a feast!
I'm all for child labour in the kitchen and I'm intrigued by the coconut grating gadget.

Rosie said...

A wonderful feast Lina and great to see the family giving a helping hand :)

Rosie x

Deb said...

Mmm, we had curry last night as well when we had guests over! Your feast looks so yummy. You went to far more effort than I did lol.