Monday, August 25, 2008

Berry and Almond Crumble

Something I struggle to curb is my need for dessert in winter. Somehow I just can't come to terms with settling for just dinner on a dark cold night and pine for something warm and sweet. Ideally I should really just make myself a cup of tea and sweeten it, after all, that would do a lot less damage!!!!!But mostly my weak will prevails and something like what we had tonight is made and generally served with icecream!
This is one of my fallback recipes. Well, as usual, it is not really a recipe but a guide and it is probably seldom made the same twice! Which is of course why I make it so often, because it is the kind of dessert that can be tweaked to produce something a little different each time. The variations come in the kinds of fruit used (fresh or frozen) and also in what goes into the topping. I will more often than not pop oats into the topping, will experiment with different sugars (white, brown, demerara, muscovado are all good options), normal or wholemeal flour, and any kind of nut is a welcome addition here too!
Tonights version was frozen rasberries, tossed with vanilla extract and a little sugar, and topped with your bog standard crumble topping of flour, butter, sugar with oats and sliced almonds for a change! Bake at 180C till the fruit is bubbling up through the topping and the crumble is nicely browned on top. Such a quick, easy and yummy weeknight dessert!


Anna's kitchen table said...

Oh how lovely and warming that looks!

Rosie said...

Just sheer comfort food - count me in :) Looks wonderful!!

Rosie x