Sunday, June 22, 2008


How gorgeous do all those veges look, getting ready to be turned into fabulous, tasty stock!
I know I have raved on about this before, but I have to extol the virtues yet again of home made stock. I have yet to find a commercial product which rivals the homemade version, and when you take into account all the factors, such as packaging and wierd ingredients, homemade wins every time. Plus it tastes better, and you know what is in it, and it's not packaged in those horrible (completely unrecyclable) tetrapacks!!!!! Have I made my point yet??? Homemade stock can be varied depending on what you have to hand, I often find it drives what kind of dish I make with it too- you can pop ginger and lemon grass in for a more asian direction, you can use lamb or beef bones for something a bit richer and deeper, or leave the meat out all together and put an array of vege in, for use later in dishes such as soup, risotto, pilafs, or as a tasty base for sauces. To me, adding home made stock into any dish gives it that x-factor, that real taste, that is so often missing in commercial food. And it is SO easy, bung it all in the pot, add water and let it bubble. (My basic recipe is here) Strain it after the required cooking time then pop in a container for use straight away or into the freezer for another day. If you are a soup fan like me then you will always have the base to make a fabulous soup. And did you know that chicken soup has that same feel good ingredient that chocolate apparently does, for a lot less calories!
By the way, if you want to learn about those nasty recyclable tetra paks and all the other unaccounted for costs in commercial production, have a look at the movie on this site- it is a great little film that highlights the reliance we have on 'convenience' products and how at some point we are going to have to change our habits.

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Anonymous said...

I adore home made soup and you are so correct, nothing beats making your own stock. These ingredients look so colourful & healthy!

Sabrinas said...

just found your blog and am enjoying it. i am a huge fan of homemade stock too. i am also super low on $, so what i do is save all my clippings, cuttings bones, etc in a resealable ziploc bag, and when it's full i turn that into stock, obv you have to have a mind as to what you're putting in the bag -- cabbage and broccoli are well and good, but may not make a broth suitable for all soups. same with herbs and ginger. if am going to make a rich soup out of my stock, and especially if i have bones in it (tho thats not necessary) i roast it first in the oven, getting everything nice and brown, before proceeding with regular sock makings.
happy cooking!

hungryandfrozen said...

I've always wanted to make my own stock but never liked the idea of throwing out all those vegetables afterwards. I suppose you could eat them...all those vegetables look gorgeous. Nice to be more environmental in the kitchen, something I've tried to do lately too! :)