Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catch up

There are a number of things I keep meaning to add to my posts- tags and awards from other bloggers but keep forgetting, so will devote this whole post to it!
I received the Excellent blog award from George and Granny
-which was a lovely thought and much appreciated!
I was also tagged by Violet, who wanted those she tagged to describe themselves in 6 words!
After a bit of thinking my 6 words are:


Finally, my top ten foodie photos so far which (it doesn't surprise me) are almost all dessert or cake!

Hot Cross BunsQuick Lamb KebabChocolate Feijoa CakeDelia's no fail egg custardTiramisu on a StickButterfly CakesTea PartyAvocado and CornSlut red raspberries in chardonnay jellyBlueberry and Nectarine GalletteThanks for thinking of me, those who tagged me, I don't know anyone who hasn't already been tagged, most of those blogs are on my list of other great blogs to visit, so make sure you do!!!


Kelly-Jane said...

Wow! you ae clearly a fabulous cook! Looking forward to seeing more :)

hungryandfrozen said...

What lovely photos :) I remember that nectarine and blueberry galette! Such a good recipe. Do you know, the chocolate feijoa cake turned out really dense and rich for me (it almost tasted like one of those gluten-free truffle type-cakes) whereas yours looks more light and cakey. I wonder what I did differently?

Thinking About Food said...

Now you have me wondering too!!!! I make this cake in my sleep, I have made it so many times, so perhaps I dont slavishly follow the recipe (like I do when I first try one!) so who knows what was different. I do remember thinking this wasnt as rich as it usually is now I come to think of it, but it had LOTS of yummy ganache on it so that must have offset it enough!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous looking food Linda.

vonsachsen said...

Wonderful photos, but my favourites are the Tea Party and The Quick Lamb Kebab...I could be there in about 20 hours...what do you say? Could I have some?;P