Saturday, March 1, 2008

Triple chicken

I still haven't found my camera recharger yet unfortunately so am resorting to using my husband's rickety old camera! So that's why the photos aren't quite as good I think!
I am finding it rather difficult to get time to blog now that I am back at uni, have a pile of photos stacking up and not finding time to get them up with all the reading I already have piling up around me! Being away for 3 days and having to go into the computer labs to get time online is proving a bit of a challenge, perhaps next weekend I will be in a better routine!

The good part about staying with the people I stay with in Hamilton is that I cook for two others, which I really enjoy. No worrying about 'child friendly' food so I can go to town and be plenty more adventurous.

This dinner is an old favourite of mine which I treat 3 different ways, hence 'triple chicken'! I first came by the recipe when we owned our restaurant, it was one of the first pasta dishes on the menu. I used to adore it and at the end of service would request a bowl to revive me after a night of running around waiting tables!

It is very simple but so yummy!

The recipe as usual is a guide, make changes as you like, I try to stick to the basics but often throw in different herbs, or mushrooms or cheese to make it a little different. The original had cream and white wine in it as well. I have sinced substituted the cream with low fat evaporated milk and ommitted the wine as it 'curdles' the evaporated milk. I almost think you can't have enough herbs in this recipe, the more the better! This 'quantity' serves 4 generously....

Chicken, Leek and Herb Pasta

1 onion, chopped finely
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1/2 leek, finely sliced
1 carrot, chopped into fine matchsticks
500g chicken, chopped into smallish pieces (approx 2cm)
1/2c chicken stock (preferably home made or good store bought)
Large handful of assorted green herbs (flat leaf parsley, basil, coriander, chives, chervil, sage and even a little bit of mint in the mix!), chopped roughly
1 can light evaporated milk (approx 300ml)
2 tsp cornflour, mixed to thin paste with a little water
salt and pepper
250g large shape pasta (I used large shells)
olive oil or butter for frying (I used lemon infused olive oil, which worked nicely)
Fry onion and garlic til soft then add in leek. When that is also soft add in the carrots. Fry for a few minutes then remove from pan. Add chicken to pan and fry til brown then pour on the chicken stock and simmer gently for about 5 more minutes before adding the veges back in along with the herbs and evaporated milk. Thicken with cornflour mix and simmer gently for approx 3 minutes and serve over hot pasta, season with salt and pepper.

This recipe is excellent because I use the basic sauce as a filling for filo parcels or top it with mashed potatoes with a cheesy breadcrumb topping and bake it as a comforting pie. The pasta version is lovely but the other two go down just as well for a bit of a twist on the old favourite!
I also reprised the summer fish from earlier- this time I used roasted tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes and it was still a winner! You can find it here!

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Mmmm the triple chicken recipe sounds so good, I see can me "borrowing" that off you!

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