Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not plain, not boring

Growing up I always thought this kind of food was really plain and boring. I have come to see the error of my former ways! Simple food can really be as good as the most gourmet of creations and there is something about the comfort factor that simple food brings that is never experienced with 'fancy' food! This meal is an example of what I call simple food that is so comforting. I started making this meal again when a co-incidence of events happened - I bought myself a slow cooker and I saw Rick Stein cook corned beef. His dish looked so inviting that I decided to do an adapted version with my slow cooker. I have made it over and over and over again, never tiring of it. Nor do my family, which is even more gratifying. The slow cooker makes this absolutely meltingly soft, I never cook it any other way now. My husband adores the mustard sauce served with this, it really compliments the meat. This is a staple meal for us over the winter.

Corned Beef (slow cooker method, serves 4)

1kg piece of corned beef
2 onions (peeled but left whole)
1 tbsp whole cloves
2 tbsp malt vinegar
2 dsp golden syrup
4 fresh bay leaves (or 2 dried)
10 peppercorns

Pop meat in slow cooker dish, stud onions with cloves and add to pot. Add rest of ingredients and fill dish to approx 3/4 way up the meat. Set to low and cook for 8-9 hours.
Rick Stein's version puts carrots, potatoes and cabbage in to cook with the meat, but these days I just use some of the cooking water for the mustard sauce. Or I take some of the cooking juices out and braise carrots and wedges of cabbage separately to serve with it. I have taken to serving mashed potatoes also with it - this time it had parsley stirred through which was lovely. The cabbage was also replaced with brussel sprouts this time.Mustard sauce

2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp flour
1 cup cooking water from slow cooker
1 tbsp whole grain mustard
1/2 tsp powdered mustard

Melt butter in saucepan and add flour, mixing well. Mix dried mustard with whole grain mustard. Add cooking water , stirring and mixing through, then add mustard mix. Simmer gently for a few minutes then serve with corned beef.


Sarah Nicole said...

Not plain or boring, but simple delicious! Can I have some Linda? (My mouth is watering right now)


Vicky said...

Oh Linda, this is my kind of food. Humble but so, so good. I've grown up eating food like this, my mum's Irish roots! and it is still my favourite.
Vicky xxx

hungryandfrozen said...

Corned Beef is one of my very favourite dinners :) Looks fab.

JillyB said...

How can something that colourful be boring??? It looks wonderful.

Deborah said...

I love corned beef, but that mustard sauce is what has my mouth watering!

Anonymous said...

So simple and delicious! I love the looks of this!

Anonymous said...

Nothing boring about corned beef, it's fabulous stuff and I could just eat it right now :)

Rosie said...

I love corned beef and this looks really yummy - nothing boaring here!!

Rosie x