Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Healthy Fast Food

I was listening to an interview with Stephanie Alexander today where she said that a good home cooked meal need only take 20 minutes to prepare, that it is because people no longer know how to cook that they are not doing it. I am afraid I agree. A little thought and planning goes a long way to making sure proper meals go on the table and it really doesn't need to be hard work.

Tonights dinner came out of a last minute need to get my kids fed fast! I had been baking all day to prepare for Valentines day tomorrow (am making lots to give away and feed friends who are coming to visit!) and dinner time snuck up on me! Well actually it was Carys's rapidly deteriorating mood which reminded me that she needed feeding! I had cooked some chickpeas and had meant to make hummus, so quickly bunged that together in the food processor for her to quickly eat with some rice crackers while I got on with sorting dinner.

With the hummus as inspiration I decided to make a healthy home made kind of donner kebab. I had lamb steaks in the fridge so quickly tossed them in some olive oil, dried herbs and ground pepper. I made a yoghurt sauce with lemon, garlic and chopped mint and parsley all stirred through. Then I just chopped some cherry tomatoes, red onions and threw some pita breads in the oven to warm while I cooked the lamb. As soon as the lamb was done I rested it, then sliced it, threw it all together with a bowl of mesclun and dinner was served in about 15 mins!

It was delicious and I always feel ridiculously virtuous feeding my family nutritious tasty food, that really has taken no effort. So much better and cheaper than takeaways!
My son whinged that I was making lamb again and asked me if I am ever going to cook anything else, I have quite a thing for it at the moment! But apart from the fact that I love it, it is very well priced at the moment, an unfortunate side affect of the droughts the farmers are currently experiencing, whereby they are having to cull larger numbers of lambs than they usually would. I am stocking up while it is plentiful, my freezer will be at maximum capacity in no time!
As I have leftover hummus, yoghurt sauce and flatbreads, I am going to reprise this tomorrow night but with chicken! Hopefully Rex won't mind!


Anonymous said...

Certainly looks yummy Linda. Lucky family if that's a quick easy meal.

vonsachsen said...

Yum! Lamb is my favourite and this looks great!