Saturday, February 23, 2008

A brief check in!

I have had a technology blip just recently and can't find the recharger for my beloved camera! Oh woe is me, I didn't think I was so attached to it until I couldn't take photos! Meal preparation hasn't been quite the same! It is probably timely though as I am sure my posts will slow up a little from here on in, as I am back to uni in Hamilton this week. Will aim for a couple of posts a week and if there are more than that you will know I am avoiding doing an assignment!!!!
I am looking forward to getting back to some different kind of reading and no doubt a few of the ideas I read about will make their way on here!
Hopefully the gremlins who took my recharger return it soon, they are probably the ones that leave me with odd socks! Failing that I will have to get out my husbands oldy mouldy camera!



hungryandfrozen said...

Hope the recharger shows up soon, Linda - I do love your photos! Although it seems my computer hates your blog - it always freezes up on your site (it froze for a full three minutes just now before coming right!) and sometimes it just shuts down the internet!

Good luck for Uni - I have my first class today. All the best! X

Ms O said...

Have fun with your classes. I'm hoping that recharger shows its face real soon. A girl shouldn't be without her camera. :)

Lea xo