Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick easy nibbles part two

The other couple of nibbles that were childs play to make were the turkey on rye bread with cranberry and creme fraiche. This was simply a case of bringing together lots of lovely ingredients. I happened to tea smoke my turkey breast which made it a little more complicated but actually smoking is not such a difficult thing to do now that I have tried it a few times. This was smoked with a mix of loose leaf tea, brown sugar and rice (instead of wood shavings) and the

breast meat had been marinated in honey, sherry, garlic, mustard and butter for a few hours before smoking.
It gave a really lovely result and I am keen to try chicken done this way next.

Then it was just a case of slicing the breast, mixing together some cranberry jelly and creme fraiche, and putting them on top of some lovely dark rye bread that I had bought from the Danish bakery while we were in Christchurch. I popped it straight into the freezer when we got back and it was just excellent.

The roasted pepper and feta cream bruschetta (or are they crostini?)were also pretty straightforward. I sprayed slices of french bread with olive oil spray then baked them and topped them with feta mixed with cream cheese and roasted red and yellow peppers. Again all of this was able to be done ahead of time and assembled at the last minute.

Lastly the chilli prawns with lime mayo. I mixed the defrosted cooked prawns through with a couple of tablespoons of chilli and soy paste that I had received in my swap parcel from Jessica (I am nearly at the end of the jar, I love it!) and stir fried them until warm through, serving them with a lime mayo, which is just a basic mayo made from scratch with the juice and zest of two limes added. I love home made mayo for something a little more special, it keeps for a few days too although generally doesn't last that long in my house anyway!


Anonymous said...

just spent a bit of time looking at your blog, Linda - it's great! I love the idea of smoking chicken, I've never tried that. Also loved your little butterfly cakes, will be making some this week as they're my middle son's favourites.
love arista

Thinking About Food said...

Thanks for your kind comments Arista! I am surprised at how much I am enjoying the 'styling' aspect of the blog!

pistachio said...

Oh my that smoked turkey does look good, Linda. I'm still planning to try smoking and Violets gave me a few extra little tips that have encouraged me to give this a go on the stove top. Now just have to get around to it ... so many recipes, too little time :)

pi xxx