Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inspired by NE

Tonights dinner started as one recipe, flipped to another then mutated into something of both. I have been revisiting Nigella Express: 130 Recipes for Good Food, Fast at the moment, as I got it just before Christmas I had a quick look through it, put it down and promptly left it idle. I have picked it up again however and am enjoying the simple recipes and food combinations that are suggested in it.

I liked the look of the Salmon Escalopes (page 9) with watercress, sugar snap peas and avocado, it seemed ideal for the warm weather we are experiencing, but then I took a look at the Swedish salmon (page 120) and I liked the sound of serving it with the warm potato salad (page 122). Dilemma!

So, as I didnt actually have all the ingredients for either I cobbled together a sort of fusion of the two, which worked surprisingly well.
I made the warm potato salad, but didn't put the bacon in. It was basically potatoes, mayo and chopped red onion.
I then mixed some smoked salmon (chopped into thin strips) with capers, finely chopped cornichons and shredded basil. I dressed this with some lemon juice and olive oil, then salt and pepper of course. Ideally I would have used fresh dill instead of the basil, but didn't have any so basil it was!

To assemble I placed cos leaves and baby spinach leaves with chopped avocado on the plate, piled on the potato salad, then topped it with the smoked salmon (and a little extra red onion). I then drizzled the whole thing with more of the lemon and olive oil dressing.

Simple, quick, light. Fitted the bill perfectly.

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Anna's kitchen table said...

Linda, that looks soo delicious and so healthy too.