Sunday, January 20, 2008

Easy quick nibbles part one

As I had plenty of experience creating canapes for our Christmas dinner I thought I would go over what I made and how easy they were..... First up are the sundried tomato palmiers.

These are spectacularly simple and yet always look so impressive. They are lovely in their own right, but are also lovely used to dip in something that compliments the filling (for example a cheese filled one would work great with a tomato salsa or the sundried tomato one would work with an avocado dip). You can fill them with whatever you like, we had a very nice anchovy filled one at a restaurant recently, and you can go sweet or savoury. I use prepared puff pastry (if you want to make it really easy buy the ready rolled sheets). You spread your desired filling on (in this case sundried tomato pesto and grated parmesan but other suggestions could be cheese, tapenade, basil pesto, sugar and cinnamon, chocolate, jam)

fold them over until they meet in the middle

cut them up into little heart shape looking pieces

pop on a tray

cook at 190C for about 10-15 mins, until golden brown.

Cool on a rack and keep in an airtight container. Alternatively if using fresh pastry freeze at the uncooked stage and bring them out when a quick, impressive snack is desired!

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Anonymous said...

They look lovely Linda. Really yummy.