Sunday, January 27, 2008

Did you know........?

Recently I have made a couple of sales of books through the links that I have put on my blog so I thought I would take this opportunity to say thanks to those who had made purchases and also to let you know about it. That way you can make 'informed' decisions!
When I first set up this blog it was wholly to share my love of cooking and also to get into the discipline of composing posts around that cooking. It has fed my creative needs enormously and I am loving the food styling aspect of it, I am sometimes amazed at how good the food can look, even with my $300 camera!

After I started this I discovered that certain online companies (such as Amazon internationally and Fishpond in NZ) run what is called affiliate programmes, that is, you put links on your site to products they sell, and if you generate sales from those links then you get a percentage. I think it is a great way to turn a hobby/passion into an (albeit small!) income stream so thought I would give it a go.

I have only put links on my blog to things that I personally have experience of and recommend. Those who know me would know that I am not about to put things on willy nilly just for the sake of generating sales! However if you click through from any of the links here and then go on to buy something else then that counts too!

I love my assortment of cookbooks, they are what inspire what I am doing, so of course I am going to want to share that! I was really thrilled to see someone had purchased "The Cooks Companion" by Stephanie AlexanderThe Cook's Companion, this is the most fabulous reference book and is one of the few books I had to have that isn't illustrated at all. But for inspiration on how to use ingredients it is unrivalled, especially for us Antipodeans! It is arranged alphabetically by ingredient, plus it has a basics section, so I often refer to it for things like hollandaise, pastry or how to cook a certain pulse. It is not cheap at $125 and it is a weighty number but I have had my moneys worth out of it in that I use it so regularly. It forms the backbone of my cookbook collection and while I don't always cook from it, recipes I do end up making come from the guidance I first find in it's pages.

The main focus is and always will be my cooking experiences, but if I can generate a little income as a result of that then that is great too!

I know that other people have the same setup on their blogs too, so if you are thinking of purchasing online, do them a favour and use their links. I am sure they will be most grateful!

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