Thursday, December 13, 2007

Plans for Christmas day

This is just a quick post to start off my Christmas countdown!
Our family has (in my opinion) a very democratic system in that each of us takes turn at hosting it at our homes. There are 4 siblings and my mother so that means only hosting it once every 5 years! I think it's brilliant as it shares the load and we tend to each put a lot of effort into it as it is not every year, so results in unique and special ocassions!
This year it is our turn (well I may as well say mine as my husband is terribly humbug about most things Christmas, but goes along with it to keep me happy!) so I am beside myself with excitement organising and planning for the day!
As I am the only one not working and the only one who doesnt have to divide the day with in laws (who are in Wellington, and put on a lovely Christmas its just the distance prevents us from sharing it more often with them!) I suggested that I take care of the whole kit and kaboodle. Usually we do up a menu and divide it between us but I wanted them all to be able to turn up and relax and enjoy themselves so they are all contributing towards the cost of the food and I am happily slaving in the kitchen.
The menu I have come up with is designed to have as much done beforehand as possible. So in the days leading up to it I will be preparing all the bits and pieces to bring together on the day. I also wanted to try for it to be as light as possible and concentrate on just tastes of things, as they will all have eaten a full lunch with in laws so don't want it to be overloading!

Probably mojitos or margueritas (or both!)

Smoked salmon blini with caper mayo, chopped eggs and red onion
Sundried tomato pesto palmiers
Turkey and cranberry rye bread squares
Chili prawn skewers with lime mayo
Avocado, chive and lemon dip on individual corn chips
Roasted red pepper and feta cream bruschetta
Pesto toasts with cherry toms

Main course:
Slashed lamb, done on the hooded BBQ (with red currant and mint jelly)
Green salad
Carrots broccoli asparagus with foaming hollandaise
Oven sauteed potatoes lyonaises (the only thing in the oven for the day!)

Tasting plate of desserts with small tastes of:
Strawberry granita
Rhubarb crumble icecream
Pineapple sushi
Raspberry chardonnay jelly

Then going to do port and coffee with a plate of choc Christmas cake, Christmas biscuits, fudge and truffles


violets said...

Linda, your menu sounds fabulous, I don't know if you have heard of Rick Stein but he has a similar way of doing lamb on the BBQ.

Vi xx

Thinking About Food said...

Yes I love Rick Stein- the lamb recipe is Jill Dupleix's and he has mentioned liking her recipes so maybe she got it from him or vice versa, either way it looks really good. will be posting the recipe later on!