Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kitchen carnage

Just a quick post tonight as I am positively knackered after a marathon day of baking and rolling truffles and chocolate dipping (blast this hot weather, the chocolate won't set!)
I am not going to rave about all the delights I have been making, might do that tomorrow, but I will show you what a shocking, shocking baker I am (I honestly don't make this much mess when I am cooking, well maybe a bit of a mess but not quite as tornado like!). This photo was taken at about three quarters into my list of stuff to do - my kitchen looks like crap when it is tidy so it looks pretty heinous when I have been baking!

Just an aside, I visited Violet's blog, (the link is on the right sidebar!) and saw the coolest gizmo that shows where the people are that are visiting your blog, and it is so excellent to see all the folk from around the globe checking in!!! Nice to see you here!!! Do leave a comment too next time! Well, tomorrow I have further things on my list to wade through, will hopefully have details, recipes and photos of my kitchen escapades (and maybe a photo of my kitchen tidy to let you know that I can clean up my mess!!!)

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hungryandfrozen said...

Goodness, lately the internet completely siezes up whenever I visit your site which is a bloody pain! That globe gizmo looks exciting, might have to pilfer it lol. BTW you should see our kitchen! It too, looks crap even when clean. I think that's what duct tape holding cupboards together, and a toilet three feet from the dining table will do to a place...