Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A gorgeous gift!

Just a wee note of thanks to the very kind George on Violets Pantry. Carrying on from the swaps we have done a Christmas swap on VP. A list gets made up and you have to send a box of goodies to a person (chosen for you), obviously centred around food! This is my third time swapping and it is a huge amount of fun! I sent to Australia this time to cut down on postage costs and make sure the money went more into the contents but there are other lovely, lovely people who send parcels across the George, who sent to me this time and I was overwhelmed by the contents!
I received the coveted Nigella Express, something I have been gagging for!Plus some other lovely books and a wonderful array of spices! Have a look for yourself!

I am going to have a really good look at all these books after Christmas, and with the spices and the BBQ book, my meals promise to be very exciting!!!!

Thanks again George!


Thistlemoon said...

Wow, what a nice gift! So thoughtful. You will enjoy that package!

Anonymous said...

Oh Linda, I don't know how I managed to misss this post. I'm so glad you are enjoying everything. I'm also very happy that I swapped with such a lovely forum member.

George xx